Barbecue August 15th 2021

This year's barbecue was at a new venue.  It was hosted by Ann and Pat Davy at Coton in the Clay.  The weather was a little grey but it was dry and there was a good turnout.  I didn't do a head count but I guess that there were over 30 people in attendance.
Mick and Vic took station in front of the barbecue and did their usual good job of flipping burgers, etc.

There was a good selection of salad dishes and a wondeful choice of deserts.  I believe  that several people are to be thanked for providing these,  I don't have all the names but you know who you are.

Thanks are due to Ian Botham who provided the barbecue and gazebo.  I think Brian Slack did a bit of co-ordinating here and also took a few snaps of people eating and chatting.

Last but certainly not least, many thanks to Ann and Pat for the use of their garden to host a successful barbecue and they even arranged some convenient parking just across the road.

The weather held out until  late afternoon when we had some rain as people were preparing to leave.  Eddy.