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Burton Section Chairman's Report 2020

Obviously, we will not be holding our usual AGM with the restrictions on meeting people and venues closed, I am putting this report on our website to try and keep things as normal as possible.

Following last year’s AGM things started off as normal. We had the Skittle night and the Slide night, at which John Stone was presented with the Clubman of the year award for his continued support and dedication to the Section, we had an interesting talk in February after which things started to go downhill when the virus struck, we had to  postpone and eventually cancel all events.

In stepped Eddy Grew with his regular “Chats” on the website.

These proved extremely popular and showed us what talented members we had, ranging from exceptional engineers to authors of fascinating tales, some true some fiction. Along with interesting puzzles it kept us in contact throughout the lockdown.

I would like to thank Eddy for all his time-consuming work in helping to keep us together.

Once the lockdown was eased  certain Sections started to organize various runs , locally North Birmingham arranged a series of scatter type runs and Mick Leach completed these with some of our members and other riders, he also arranged several runs himself, including  our own Autumn Mist and Frostbite runs, which were both successful and well attended, my thanks go to Mick for all his time and expense in arranging these.

It has been suggested that we do some similar runs as North Birmingham, but on a smaller local scale, this would keep the section alive and I urge anyone interested to get involved and come up with such a run, it does not have to be a marathon just enough to keep the Section active.

I have spoken with Ann our Treasurer and she informs me that obviously there has been little change in the accounts since last year with few outgoings, and that our finances are healthy, we will not be putting these on line but if anyone has any questions she will be happy to answer them.

Finally, I wish you all good health and let us hope we can get through this pandemic and resume our hobby of enjoying riding our old motorcycles together.

Mick Dughan    

Secretary's Report 2020

Not a lot to report this year but I'll sum up what we did have.

Starting with the A.G.M. which had 23 members turn up, all went well with no changes.

The December club night when we take on the London Douglas club at skittles was well attended and once again they put us to shame, need to try harder next time.

January slide night was very well attended with 58 turning up, always a good night’s entertainment.  On the night we presented John Stone with the well-deserved clubman of the year award. Well done John.

On the February club night, we had 27 members turn up to hear John Perry give his very interesting talk on stage coaches and the roads they drove them on.

The March club night was a natter night with 23 members turning up. Not knowing that this would be the last meeting of the year.

From here on in it was Eddy Grew that kept a lot of the members going with his chat line on the website and for this I would like to thank him.

I would also like to thank Mick Leach for organizing and leading the last and only club runs that we did this year. These were the Autumn mist run from Conkers with 12 riders and the Frost bite run from Tutbury with 16 riders, both very pleasant rides.

With the hope that things pick up next year I have written to Marston’s to book the room for the meetings and the car park for the Parade.

Vic Carrington-Porter