White Peak Wandering  APMC Run

John Earp has sent photographs, videos and write up for this event.  (Thank you John. It looked to be a great day out. Eddy)

Because Steve lives in Derby and I live in Burton we'd arranged to meet at the Salt Box Cafe at 10.00am, however on reaching the cafe I noticed a sign saying "All who parked there must pay", I so decided to wait for Steve on the curb on opposite side of the road to the cafe.
I was early as I thought I may get caught at Hatton/Tutbury railway station level crossing (I didn't) so I was at the Salt Box at 09.45, Steve told me he'd had to take a detour around Hilton as the road was closed but he was also early and at 09.50 we were ready to go.
I was riding my Honda CB500X and Steve was on his Kawasaki Versys 300 as the APMC is all about the age of the rider - not the bike!
We were soon on the A515 to Ashbourne road with Steve leading and through Ashbourne onto the Buxton Road arriving at the Jug and Glass Pub, the APMC meeting point around 10.40 for an 11.00am start time.
As we pulled into the very gravelley car park (be carefull) I saw a few familiar faces and many unfamiliar faces and once parked we were given our route for the run. David Giles, Steve and I checked the route on Davids OS map so we'd know where to go but that turned out to be a waste of time!
Apparently many more people arrived than had been expected and route maps were in short supply however both Steve and I had one and this was lucky as would be proved later.
On a Thursday morning I normally go to Justin's coffee morning at the Kingfisher Cafe, 10.30 at Fradley. (check it out!) There we meet up with VMCC members and non members alike, two of which turned up at the Jug and Glass today, namely Hubert and 'Electric" John from Tamworth, apparently I'm "Burton" John.
Neither had a route holder so would be following us and as we'd not had a breakfast and the Jug and Glass was not yet open we decided to make an early stop at the cafe in Monyash for a breakfast roll and a hot drink. (See photos.)
We were not the only ones with this in mind and had a pleasant stopover with other riders until we re-joined the run. Steve was leading and I was second. To be honest I've always dreaded leading and been happy to follow but still keeping an eye on the route. However, after turning left onto the A6 at Taddington, then right to Priestcliffe it all went wrong!
We found ourselves on a very small grassy track which led us back onto the A6. Both Steve and I had mis-read the route and decided to cut our losses and take the A6 straight to Ashford and Monsal Head. I was now lead, glad I'd also got a route map and feeling rather uncomfortable. My sister has a cottage at Taddington so I do know the area and so we found ourselves at Monsal Head car park were we'd caught up with other APMC members who were also on the run. (More photos.)
I explained to our group that we basically had to re-trace our steps back to Ashford to get us back on track and I was amazed that the milage on my speedo was nearly spot on with the route map. We went to Sheldon, towards the A6, left turn by the bookshop at Brierlow to Longnor, left turn to Earl Sterndale then stopped to turn my map over.
At this point another "gaggle" of bikes (what's the collective name?) came past us and I thought they may have already turned their route over but just up the road they were all stopped and we overtook them again.
Back now towards Pilsbury and Hartington, left towards Asbourne by Hartington signal box, left at the "T" junction at the top, onto the A515 and back to the Jug and Glass Pub.

The Jug and Glass car park was fairly busy with bikes and cars and another crowd of bikes came in so we decided to go to the Station at Hulme End for a coffee and cake as to be honest we were still full from our breakfast bap at Moneyash.
So turn right out of the car park, right again to Hartington and left to Hulme End where we had a nice sunny location for a relaxed coffee, cake and chat.
Out of here we took a left turn eventually over the A52 Asbourne/Leek Road to Alton and took a break outside the JCB building at Rocester for a final chat and photos before heading back via Uttoxeter to Draycot-in-the-Clay where Hubert and 'Electric John' took a right turn back to Tamworth and Steve and I took a left towards the A50 Sudbury,
Steve and I departed at the Marchington roundabout, he headed towards Sudbury and the A50 and I took the road to Fauld, Tutbury and home to Stretton. It was now just gone 4pm.
My milage was just over 110 miles and my bike had apparently averaged 73mpg which I think is pretty good for a 500.
All in all we all had a great day out. The sun was shining for much of the ride, we saw some fantastic scenery and the company was great.
Thanks to the APMC for organising the run. I'm not sure who actually planned the route but I look forward to next year when no doubt we will do a similar run again. John

Link to YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/Fukp4NZxWHI

The start photographs

Hulme End


Monsall Head

Back at the Jug and Glass