The 2nd Great Bill Mantle Run - Triumph Café

John Earp has sent this report on another excellent run  organised by Bill Mantle. Eddy

We met by the Whistle Stop lay-by on the A444 near Appleby Magna for a 10.30 start time.  I think about 15 bikes were taking part in this second great Bill Mantle Leicestershire run.
As before we adopted the ‘drop-off’ system with Bill Mantle at the front and Bill Shackleford at the rear on his Kawasaki.
We first headed through Measham on towards Ashby before turning off right (I nearly missed it!) in the direction of Heather and meandered along the back lanes eventually crossing the A444 in the direction of Sheepy Magna.
This was now the exact same way I go to Hoar park in fact I began to think we were making an impromptu stop off at HP for coffee.  Just after some old bloke with what looked like an expensive camera round his neck shouted ‘say cheese’ at me on a bend then we took the next right turn towards Coventry.  (See *** below.)
On down new roads (to me) till we came to Nuneaton and back onto the A5 to our final destination at the Triumph factory where we had an enjoyable lunch, chat and look round the museum.
After our stop off it was an easy ride back to our start point via the A5 and A444.
Thanks to Bill for organising the run, Bill Shackleford for being back marker, Eddy Grew for arranging the weather - dry and sunny as predicted ���� and not forgetting that old bloke with the camera - whoever he was?

It must have been a good run as we have another write up from Andy Roberts. Eddy

On Wednesday 16 of us met on a selection of motorbikes at lay-by on A444 by the M42 and had a great ride meandering through the local countryside on a variety of roads and managing to avoid the rain.  Brian was parked up on a corner taking photos so I look forward to seeing them.
Using the drop off system we eventually arrived at the Triumph motorcycle factory and visitors centre at Hinckley.
We had refreshment and a chat at the Triumph 1902 café where free WiFi was available if anyone wanted to take advantage of it.
When we had finished our lunch some had a wander around and some visited the Triumph shop and then sat outside for a while enjoying the sunshine.
When we were all ready we set off heading for the A444 to make our way back to the opposite lay-by where we started from.
A great thankyou to Bill for arranging the run and great day was had by all.
I covered 100 miles on my 1978 Honda 400 dream and look forward to the next run out. Andy

triumph car park
Bikes in the Triumph car park.

triumph cafe
In the Triumph Café

back at the starting point
Back at the starting point.

back at the starting point

back at the starting point

*** Could this be the mystery photographer that John Earp spotted?
who is this?
This may also the same man who didn't get any pie at the Pie and Peas night ... but he did get some CHIPS!

More photographs from Brian - Riders in action.