Ian Marcer Autumn Mist Run 2021

The late Ian Marcer was know for organising excellent runs that were usually quite long.  As I recounted to to a few yesterday, on one of Ian's Frost Bite Runs he took us up into the wilds of Derbyshire and there really was frost!  As we wound our way through the lanes you could see the pearls of frozen dew on the stone walls glinting in the thin early morning sun.  There may have been a little sun but it provided no comfort.  When we eventually got to the coffee stop Gloria's knees were so frozen that when she got off the back of the bike she fell over backwards into a flower bed.  Slightly thawed after the stop we continued on our way and after a long cold day we were lucky to get back as dusk was falling.

Well we had no frost yesterday and as you may see from the photographs we actually had sunshine.  I planned the route with a view to making it not too long and allowing time to socialise.  It was really good to see members laughing and talking at the start, end and stops on the way.  After what has been a difficult year for everyone I hope that all of you enjoyed an easy day.  If Ian Marcer was looking down on us I hope that he woud have approved even if he would be thinking "I would have made it twice as long".����
 The photographjs are variously by Brian Slack, John Earp and myself.  I'll sign off now and let you read John Earp's account of the day. Eddy.

John wrote:   Twenty or maybe twenty two riders assembled at the Conkers Outdoor activity centre in Moira for the annual run, now re-named as the Ian Marcer Autumn Mists run in his memory.
As the time approached 10.00 and before setting off Eddy Grew - our leader - gave a brief talk to the assembled riders about the run today - he told us it would be approximatly 45 miles in length and we would have a stop off near the half way point for refreshments.  He gave a brief explanation of the drop off system and as the last man had not yet been nominated Steve Hollis vounteered on his Green Kawasaki Versys to be last man.  He made himself and his bike known to the assembled group before we all set off behind Eddy on his red Yamaha.
After some slow speed riding and avoiding 'sleeping policemen', we eventaually headed out into the Leicestershire countryside in the direction of Newton Bergoland, I only know this because its a regular route of mine on a Wednesday morning on my way back from the weekly Hoar Park bikers gathering.
We twisted and turned around the back lanes in the morning sun until we reached Kirby Mallory our first stop off where Eddy introduced us to some racing legends i.e. statues outside the entrance to the Mallory Park circuit (see photos) this was just a minor intermission and we were all soon on our way again to Shenton Station on the Shackerstone railway Society Ltd line.  This was our half way stop where we were able to sample the delights of the station cafe.
The sun was shining.  I had a coffee and a bacon cob on a preserved railway station talking to my biking mates, life doesnt get much better.����
At the pre-arranged time of 12 noon we departed the station on our return to Conkers, our original meeting point with more gorgeous Leicestershire roads in the sun to enjoy before we arrived back at Conkers.  Some had already departed enroute so those of us that that remained had a last chance for a final chat before setting off individually for home.  I was within a mile of my home when it started to rain but this didn't dampen what had been a great ride out with friends in the Leicestershire countryside.
Thanks to Eddy for leading and arranging the route (and the weather), Steve Hollis for volunteering to be last man and Brian for 'appearing' at various points on the run to take our photos!  I'm sure Ian Marcer would have approved of today's run in his name.  John Earp.

The start at Conkers 1

Start at Conkers 2 

Mallory Park Car Park

Some of the statues at Mallory Park

Bill Shackleford with Mike Hailwood

Shenton Station Toilet Stop



Steve Hollis on last man duty.  Great job, thanks Steve.����

To finish our photographs a few photographs of a great servant of the section, the late Ian Marcer who this run is named after. R.I.P.


You can see some video clips on Youtube from John Earp that I've spliced together. https://youtu.be/vDsNdHO3h0g