Breakfast Run 2021 - 19/09/21

Many thanks to John Earp for sending this report and photograph and also to Brian Slack for his photographs. Eddy.

And there’s me thinking there’s only one 7.30 in a day and I find myself at Marston’s club ready for the ‘annual’ breakfast run, start time 7.30am!����

Even though my app said it wasn’t going to rain I’d put my full waterproof gear on - just in case.A scan over the route as I put it into my route-roller told me we were heading into deepest Derbyshire then back into Staffordshire in the Leek direction.  After a quick chat from Brian it was time to go, turn left out of Marston’s and on towards Tutbury via Anslow, then out towards Yeavesley, Kniveton, towards Biggin.
We’d all got split into smaller groups by now and it was at Kniveton that a rather large BMW car overtook all three of us, uphill on a blind bend - wonderful things these Beemers must have radar fitted as standard! 
Anyway, as the three of us approached the half way stop to change the map the rain had set in.  Malcolm and I were glad we’d put on our waterproofs, Steve said his wife had told him it wasn’t going to rain so had just his jeans on.  He hadn’t got any over trousers but it didn’t matter as he was enjoying the ride so much, he was muttering a bit, so I think that’s what he said!!
Anyway, on we go in the Leek direction, and it was really misty on the top road eventually turning left onto the A52 Leek/Ashbourne Rd in the direction of Ashbourne, a right turn towards Alton then Ellestone, Rocester and Uttoxeter. By now it had stopped raining and the roads were fairly dry as we made our way back to Marston’s via Six Lane ends then Five Lane ends for a well-earned full English.
As far as I’m aware everyone made it round with only a slight casualty, I won’t mention any names but hope his metallic green A7 is OK.  Thank
s to Brian and his family for organising the route and the catering staff for a lovely breakfast and a nice hot cuppa back at the club.Much appreciated! John.


John has also sent a short video of Marstons car park before the start of the event.  It can be viewed at the Youtube link below:


Brian's Photographs