The 50th Anniversary Run - August 22nd 2021

The Burton Section is usually very active with regular rides and events at Marston's Club on Shobnall Road.  Covid 19 and the attendant restrictions put a halt on  our usual activities for too long but here we are in 2021 getting back into our normal two-wheel (and sometime three-wheel) groove.
We have had a few mostly local runs as the easing of Covid restrictions progressed but what we really needed was a special event to put up a big flag to announce that our section was up and running again.  Our annual premier event is our Burton Parade, but perhaps there was too much time need to put all the usual things in place.  Plan "B".  We could run an event in a Burton Parade style (a Burton Parade "Light" in modern parlance) but without all the awards that have to be arranged and sponsors to help finance the event.  What should we call the event.  Well what better name could we have than the 50th Anniversary Run as we celebrate the 50th year since the founding of our, section, a golden anniversary.

Entry forms were arranged to be sent to secretary Ann Davy and Richard Ballard and Brian Slack sorted out the route.  Marston's big room was booked and catering was arranged with Mark providing a cold buffet at the finish and a breakfast before the start if you wanted one.  To make it special, when they signed on each entrant would be presented with a commemorative badge and booklet with photographs and a history of the first ten years of the section.

On the day it was great to see the car park full of bikes again with over 80 entries.  No riding numbers to fix to your bike, just put your route card where you can see it and at the 10.00 am start time set off when you are ready.  Thanks are due to many people involved with organising aspects of the event.  I'll pass you on now to a report sent in by John Earp.  John's mention of me and the weather is because I explained to John that there is always good weather on the day of our events, but the location of the good weather may not actually be where our event is being held.  Eddy.

Assured of a rain free day by the sections resident weather expert (Mr E Grew) I arose early this morning and sure enough after torrential rain last night - as my bleary eyes focused on the sky at 07.00 hrs (I’d forgotten there were two 7 o' clocks every day) the sky was blue and sure enough the sun was shining.
So, full of trust for the rain free prediction I reached for my trusty waterproofs - just to be on the safe side.
Arriving at Marstons around 08.30 am and after a hearty breakfast - thanks to all the kitchen staff - we signed on and were given our commemorative badge, booklet and today’s route.
The run was approximately 55 miles long and would take around 80 participants out of Marstons, then into Tatenhill, Barton, Walton, Coton-in-the-Elms,
Lullington and finally onto Twycross to our half way coffee stop at The Old Crown Inn (was the Odd House) at Newton Burgoland.
Here we had a coffee or tea and a chat before continuing our journey back to Marstons via No Mans Heath, Newton Regis, Edingale, Croxall, Catton Park to Walton then finally Barton, Tatenhill - and Marstons club.
Once back we were treated to a cold buffet - thanks once again to all the catering staff.
As far as I’m aware everyone made it back and it was really nice to see familiar faces after a year or so of lockdowns. Special thanks to Richard Ballard and Brian Slack for the route Ann Davy for organising the paperwork (sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone) and once again special thanks to Eddy Grew for a rain free sunny day.  John

The photographs below are from John Earp and Brian Slack.  The last photograph is in the car park at The Old Crown coffee stop.  There is and a short video I took in the car park before the start.  The link is below: