Another BSA for Brendan - BSA B40 Project

Brendan has a new project.  A BSA B40 bought from Wakefield.  Below are some photographs sent by John Earp.  John went with Brendan to Wakefield to look at a 1965 BSA B40 350cc single listed on eBay.

We look forward to seeing the finished project in one of our events.

Brendan inspects the B40

Looks like he is happy to do the deal

Wheeling it to the van

Securing it in the van

Back home the strip and inspection starts

Always check your balls carefully for the right number

Parts on the bench

Getting the old grease out of the speedometer drive and inspecting the gear

Nice legs ..... ?

And now

A useful tip for any project

It  usually helps

If you have the the right tools

For the job

Here is an example

Brendan has been busy with his BSA B40 project.  John Earp has sent a few pictures to update progress so far.

Looking smart now with the recovered seat in place.

The back wheel fitted with new tyre, number plate bracket and rear lamp.

Still waiting for some new forks on their way from the USA as we speak.

Update 1>   Update 2>   Update 3>  Final Update