Classic Gathering at John Thompson 2022

I went to this meeting directly from home in Hinckley as it would have made a much longer round trip if I had joined other Burton Section members who were starting from Marston's car park.  It was a fine sunny evening and and when I arrived at around 7.30 there were already quite a few bikes there.  The attendance was quite good although it didn't seem quite as good as some other years but as some people left early and some arrived later the car park had a similar amount of bikes for most of the evening.  Besides the Burton Section there were riders from the Taverner's, Notts and Derby and the Vincent Owners.

The variety of bikes was very good with one or two quite rare machines, e.g. a New Imperial that you can see in one of Brian Slack's photographs below.

I enjoyed the evening having had chance to talk to lots of friends and aquaintances.  Quite a few people started to leave around 9.00 and I hung on to 9.30 having another enjoyable ride home as dusk fell.  Eddy.























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