August 2018

On June 26th Brendan Walsh led 32 bikes on the Chip shop run, brought out by the good weather or the fish and chips, who knows.  It was a nice route a pleasant ride of about 35 miles finishing up at the Happy Chef chip shop where with family members 48 people sat down and enjoyed some of the best fish and chips in town. This was followed on the 1st of July by the Easy Does It run led by Mick Leech. This was also well attended with 13 bikes one of which was Keith Waring on his very nice 1927 Triumph, plus a four wheel special V.W. carrying our group photographer.  This was also a very pleasant ride calling at the Roston Inn, a lovely country pub which served us with great food that set us up for the return ride back.  A very pleasant day out.
Vic Carringtom-Porter