Last of the Summer Wine 2019

A few pictures from Brian Slack who says we were blessed with a nice night and what I'm told was an enjoyable ride.  A pity Duggie ran out of sparks and missed a chip butty.  Thanks to Mick for leading it hope to see you all at next club night.  Brian
Gloria and myself were planning on doing this run but as time to leave our home in Hinckley we were experiencing thunder, lightning and heavy rain showers.  Speaking to Brian on the telephone he told us it had been nice all day in Burton.  Typically of our British summer weather only 25 miles away in Hinckley our earlier fine day had become a deluge.  What to do?  We needed a cunning plan to avoid riding in the deluge and more importantly missing out on  a chance of CHIPS!
Our solution was to wait for a while and see if conditions improved.  This meant missing the run from Marston's but we would have a ride of 50 miles to Burton and back to home anyway.  We would not miss out on the CHIPS either.It all worked out fine.  We had a good ride to Marston's in improving conditions.  We arrived at Marston's a little before the group on the run returned and enjoyed a sociable evening.  The late evening ride home was dry and most enjoyable too.  It was one of those rides where the engine of my Rapide seemed to run sweeter in the slightly cooler evening air.   Eddy

John Earp just sent me this:
Hi Ed - it made me smile when I read your write up for last Tuesday - I’ll explain - when everyone had gone from Marstons we found Dave Gould’s phone on the table so I rang him on his house phone and said I’d drop it round - on my way home - he lives the opposite side of Burton to me - after dropping the phone off with Dave as I was returning home my MZ seemed to be running rather sweeter than normal - it was one of those nights when I could have just kept on riding and was rather sorry when I arrived back home - but it was by then around 11pm!!