Breakfast Run 2018

An excellent report from David Giles on the recent Breakfast Run.

On my calendar the Burton Breakfast Run on the 23rd September is for me the last of the Season’s classic runs.  The weather forecast is not good; wind and early morning rain it says.  

On the dot of 07.30 I kick the C12 into life and I am first out of the gate as drops of fine rain land on my goggles: here comes that rain I think.   I look in the mirror expecting to see a string of headlights behind me, nothing until we are out of the speed limit and on the Abbots Bromley Road when Vic on his Shooting Star goes by - the first of the big bikes.  

 I have learnt to trust  Brian’s route-cards and I am happy as we turn north passing Kingston and then skirting the west of Uttoxeter over the A518 to Bramley.   So far so good.   Between here and regaining the A522 south of Cheadle is a 5 mile stretch of narrow winding lanes where things ‘do not compute’ for me; maybe it’s the mud on the road obscuring the markings as to which is the principle way, but it certainly doesn’t feel right, and I turn back to double check the previous signpost.
Behind me there is chaos as those who had been following me come to a confused halt.   No, the signpost directions look okay so I turn again and return to my original route.    I pass various fellow riders peering keenly at their route cards.   The miles seem very long when one is uncertain but I pass Bill Shackleford parked to take a leak and gain reassurance as he is an experienced hand at route finding.   I more or less follow my instincts until I regain the main road and the correct route with Bill now behind me.

North through Cheadle with a right turn for Froghall and the Churnet Valley Railway, it’s comforting to recognise the way from previous rides with the North Staffs Section.   Ever northward the road leads us into the Peak National Park, across the A523 on to high roads with great views.  Although its cool and I could do with another layer of insulation under my riding trousers but the rain holds off!  I’m keeping up a comfortable 40 plus on the speedo.  Right for Hartington after Warslow and right again for Alstonfield which at 40 miles from the start is half way around the circuit.

I pull in to the public toilet to take a break; Bill does the same and we share a coffee flask before starting ‘south’.  I lead and Bill rides ‘shot-gun’ for the rest of the journey.  As we come out onto the A515 Ashbourne - Buxton road we pause to move onto page two of our route sheet and I move into ‘known territory’.   I delight in the country lanes that take us through the village of Parish as folk are heading to church and we ride on through Brassington until we get to Carsington Water.   From here we continue to Hulland Ward and Brailsford, all comparatively main road.  Then it’s over the A52 Ashbourne – Derby road and into the pretty lanes again.  Through Longford for about ten miles to Hatton then Tutbury, Anslow and home.   First out, and by the look of it, last in; 80miles in 3 and a bit hours.  Breakfast calls and the rain has held off.   Super!

Dave Giles
Sept 2018


Some Breakfast Run photographs below from Brian Slack: