Breakfast Run 2017

Brendan Walsh writes:
Having done The Breakfast Run on Brian's A7 it required attention on arrival back at Marstons.  Luckily John had brought along one of his Honda tool kits to put things right.  Only temporarily though as on leaving the car park after breakfast the back tyre punctured, David Giles to the rescue with his foot pump and it held long enough to get back to Brian's.  A quick swap for an A10 and it was off to Clay Mills Pumping Station for tea and buns.  Thanks to Brian and family for organising and the breakfast team at Marstons.

We have a problem.  Get the tools out.  John Earp is thinking it will be nice to use his Honda toolkit for the first time.

If I could stand on my head I could see better.

Vic and Mick look on.  Neither thinking about standing on their heads.