Autumn Mist Run 2017

Thanks to John Earp for sending the text and photographs for this report.

 The Autumn Mist Run was organised by Richard Ballard.  We are met at Conkers at 10pm.

Richard, our leader for the run talking to Vic.

We are doing the drop off system and Brendan will be last man.

I think Vic has a secret desire to own a Honda.

I'm riding Brian's A10.  Fuelled up, tyres checked and my box on the carrier with dry gloves and puncture kit should I need them. 
A lovely bike, never missed a beat all day.

After a wet start from Conkers and lots of lanes and minor roads we arrived at Wymondham Mill and Tea Rooms.

Here is the windmill.

Brendan is fascinated by the windmill.

The millstones.

Mick Waterfield is all ready to go to our next stop.

We arrived back at Conkers about 4.00pm.