Grand Day Out 2019

Dana Neal has sent a report on The Grand Day Out to Welshpool Railway and some photographs from from Stuart.  Eddy


Last Sunday, Mick Leach led us on a "Grand Day Out", destination: the interesting and picturesque Welshpool Railway.
As always, Mick's route was excellent, we were treated to some fascinating scenery, not least of which was a direct result of my stupidity in taking half of the party into the wrong cafe at Prees Heath for breakfast.
This was not without compensation, as one of the lady cooks was utterly hypnotic, so I didn't get too badly grumbled at!
There were two lovely surprises in store at Welshpool, firstly Brendan and Mrs. Walsh met us there and traveled on the train with us, plus Mick had reserved a carriage just for us!
The experience of riding on this little railway, in a carriage full of friends and like minded companions was simply brilliant, thank you very much Mickl!
Mick's chosen route home took us through Ironbridge Gorge into rural South Staffordshire to stop for a break in Brewood at a nice pub.
I believe around seventeen of us were on the expedition, but I may be corrected over that.
Stuart took some pictures and has shared them with us.  Dana Neal