Barbecue 2018

The section barbecue was hosted by Pat and Shelly who once again provided a great selection of food in the verdant setting of their wooded garden.

The grey Sunday morning turned into a pleasantly mild afternoon as Gloria and myself rode West along the quick but ever boring A5 before turning Northerly to take the A51 through Lichfield.  On the Rugeley bypass we took a right turn on to minor roads that were much more enjoyable for motorcycling.  As we neared Kingstone the roads became more minor and much narrower.  We were a little more cautious in case we might encounter a trundling tractor and trailer around the tighter blind bends.

We arrived at Kingstone at 3.00 pm and found quite a few guests already seated in the garden with drinks in hand.  Vic and Mick who were overseeing the cooking were in full master chef mode.  More guests arrived over the next hour or so.  It was a pleasant surprise to see Graham and Ivan Rhodes who I don't think had been to this barbecue before.  With the hot food all polished off the sweet course took centre stage.  A fine array of fruit flans, trifle, tiramisu, apple pie, cream, etc, etc made choosing difficult.  To ease the decision making I think I tried most of them.   (Note to self.  Diet  .... tomorrow.)

A few hours quickly passed and some guests started to leave.  I joined with others in a bit of gazebo wrestling.  It took four of us to subdue the scissor action metal frame gazebo and get it back into the bag.  They are known for putting up a good fight.

We took our leave and reversed our route to enjoy a brisk ride home.  Many thanks to our hosts and to all who came along to make it a most enjoyable and sociable afternoon.  A few photographs below from John Earp and Brian Slack. Eddy