Securing the Future of the VMCC

You may have seen the Letter of Concern which was circulated mid-January in response to the VMCC board’s consultation document. This attracted 285 responses (93% supporting) plus a lot of useful comments which will be forwarded to the board shortly. However, it has now been superseded by the Club's own Poll published on 27th January. That is where future responses need to be made in line with the guidance sent with the February Journal.

Moving forward, Roger, supported by a few helpers, has been busy drafting what, for want of a better term, is an outline strategy paper.  It can be downloaded at the "Download" link below.  It expands on the original 'letter of concern' and is largely self-explanatory. 

 Please note, it is not a party manifesto, it is simply putting forward one vision for a sustainable future for the VMCC. Certainly it is not a magic wand, much work remains to be done. Its purpose is three-fold: 

1) to suggest a vision of the future which can begin to define and encourage debate about a common goal;

2) to encourage members with sufficient time, enthusiasm and skills to volunteer their services to help achieve that goal; not necessarily as directors but also to be involved in other ways as the Club navigates its way out of our current problem; and

3) most importantly, to encourage members who may be wavering to renew their subscriptions and stick with the Club, it’s worth it; 

There is no poll on this document; we just hope it helps members to formulate their thoughts when responding to the club’s Poll which closes on 28th February. We would encourage everyone to complete this Poll and to add whatever comments they wish to make to the board.

 Click the link below to download "Securing the Future of the VMCC" as An Acrobat pdf file.