Your Chance to Borrow a Bike for a Riding Event.

Have you ever fancied a ride at Banbury or a ride on an early bike in the Burton Parade?

This is aimed at all the section members who enjoy riding their more modern machines but may have a desire to try something older just to see what it is like.

By older I mean pre 1930, with hand change girder forks and limited suspension.  It could be much earlier, say circa 1912 belt drive, no working front brake,  three speed hub gears with an In and Out clutch, hand operated oiling, hand operated advance and retard, and a two lever carburetor of impenetrable design and operation. Oh and a rear brake that is OK in the dry. Or it could be something from the mid twenties with a mixture of some of these characteristics. If so then 2018 could be your opportunity.
My intention is to lend two of my bikes out to section members if they wish to enter in the Parade and or Banbury. All they need to do is contact me and talk about it, arrange appropriate insurance, give the section £10 toward whatever charity it is supporting and be prepared to listen to and follow a few simple instructions. You would need to collect the bike a couple of weeks in advance of the ride and get familiar with it.  You would have to keep it secure and return to me when you have finished with it. If you bust it a bit of a hand to fix it would be appreciated. I have done this a few times before with quite a lot of success. Anyone thinking they might like to do this would need both mechanical sympathy and empathy. Ear'oleing and general hooliganism is not really an option. Anyway if you fancy it get in touch.  The regulations for Banbury come out usually in January so plenty of time to give it some thought.
Pat Robotham.  If you want to know more talk to Pat or send him an email.

In 2015 my brother John took advantage of Pat's generosity to ride this belt drive Victoria.  You could do the same.